​Viet Nam Social Health Revolution ​

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We are doing research on the Health service model of Vietnam for last 4 years. What we have found out that, Vietnamese health service needs a massive improvement. If we compare Vietnamese health service with other neighboring countries, Such as – Thailand, Singapore or even Malaysia.

Vietnamese health service is far far behind compare to those countries service model.
Most locals and expats always complain about Vietnamese Health services and hospital people just talked about it, or did some initiatives ( such as charity, cleaning etc) to solve some problem at the surface level. We started this project bring those all small initiatives to bring under one umbrella to work collaboratively, find out the root courses and solve them though a health revolution. So we gave our project’s name, Vietnam health service revolutionThe goal of the project make the Vietnamese Health service as good as Singapore or even better. Everyone complained about Vietnamese Health service but no one wants the improve it. We want to improve and solve that problem by this project.

It’s not a dream but it’s our ‘vision’. It’s not a hope but it’s our ‘belief’  – we are working to develop the world class health service model in Vietnam for Vietnamese people

Would like to know more or support the project ? Please visit : http://www.healthrevolution.cf/

Or Click here

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